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Welcome to "Holistic Leadership and Daily Wisdom," a 365-day guide to becoming a leader who stands out everywhere, from schoolyards to boardrooms.

This book is more than just advice—it's a daily journey to grow your leadership skills.

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    “Holistic Leadership and Daily Wisdom" is an easy to read book that gives you a tip each day on how to be a better, smarter leader. It's great for anyone who wants to make a positive impact every day.”

    Jorge L. (Mexico,DF)

    What you get:

    • Every day, you'll find a little piece of advice or a special quote that helps you think about how to be a great leader. These aren't just ordinary tips; they're little sparks meant to light up your day and show you ways to be better at helping and understanding others.

    • This book offers practical insights and inspirational quotes that will challenge you to think differently about leadership and your role in the world.

    What is it all about?

    Holistic Leadership and Daily Wisdom" explores five key values and principles essential for exceptional leadership.

    This book guides you in leading with empathy, making wise decisions, and understanding the broader effects of your actions.

    It's designed to enhance your leadership skills, inspire others, and make a positive impact in any community. By the end, you'll grasp holistic leadership and know how to apply it daily, becoming a truly impactful and respected leader.